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About Raven Bloodstone

Raven Bloodstone is a Druid Seer as well as a DJ for Sentinel Radio. He has been a Hedge Druid for over 30 years and a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids since 2020. Raven hopes to share his gift of Seership with the world on this website and Radio station. He is also writing a book called 'The Middle Way Druidry - The Path to True Enlightenment' with two friends.

Raven hopes his seer forum and the comments on this website will encourage more people to Shamanic Journey to receive the wisdom of our Aes Sidhe Spirit Guides.

Raven also makes Pschedelic Music Videos for You Tube & this website of the likes of Shamanic Pagan Folk for Shamanic Journeying as well as Psybient & Techno Music Videos. Raven loves making these psychedelic videos and hopes to keep making more.

Raven also hopes to help people by Shamanic Journeying with his 3 Spirit Guides to help the viewers with their life journey, as we all could do with the wisdom and teachings of the Aes Sidhe.

Raven also sells certain Entheohgenic Plants such as the ingrediants for Ayahuasca like Mimosa Hostilis as well as other plants and seeds. These are available in The Shamanic Emporium Store.

Support Raven by becoming a Patreon to receive Live Video Audio Seer Visions and help keep the website and Raven and his dream Alive. Or help by buying your plants & T-Shirts from Raven.


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