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Here you will find information from the Aes Sidhe as well as other pagan topics

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I have included a brief explanation of every vision and attempted a conclusion, they are all contained in the Seer Vision Forum. Feel free to interpret the conclusions your own way and see if you agree with me in the forum by registering and posting your own interpretations as well as shamanic experiances of your own.

The aim of this website is to encourage shamanic journeying so we all receieve the teachings of the Gods and to impart this sacred wisdom to everyone.

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Cheers Raven Bloodstone.


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Druid Sermon & Seer Vision Index 2022

Audio Seer Vision 1

Audio Seer Vision 2 - Summer Solstice

Audio Seer Vision 3 Summer 2021

Audio Seer Vision 4 - December 11/12/2021

Raven Bloodstone Seer Vision 26 12 2021

Raven Bloodstone Seer Vision 29 01 2022

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